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Greetings and welcome to my new blog, which I'm calling, "Weekly DeVeau-tions."

Given that I'm about six or seven years behind the curve in producing this blog, I hope to make it worth the wait.

Not that I think you've been waiting for me to blog, 'cause that would be silly.

That is unless you happen to be my mom, or my wife or one of my kids. Which, now that I think of it, may very well be the entire readership of this blog.

But if you're not related to me and want to know what this blog is all about, I'll be posting here once a week or so to talk about the business of writing copy for branding, marketing and fundraising communications across all mediums.

Big surprise, huh?!

I'll be sharing some of what I've learned over the last thirty or so years as a writer and creative director with twelve advertising agencies in Boston and Chicago, working for some of the world's most prominent Fortune 500 companies, blue-chip brands and non-profit organizations.

If you were hoping for a blog covering the reasoning behind the use of Bayesian inference to measure the validity of a given physical theory, then you're in the wrong place.

And if you actually know what the Bayesian inference is, then you're definitely in the wrong place.

But if you're interested in topics such as how to build a brand platform, making valid brand promises, customer and donor retention, the use of humor, writing taglines and similar deeds of daring do, as well as an occasional rant or two, then please stop by every week or so to see what's new. (Or to see what's old and only looks like it's new.)

So bookmark this page or subscribe to the RSS feed and drop by again.

Until then, you'll find me writing copy and directing creative for my clients. (Or you'll find me chasing a little white ball around the golf course. And if you do, please tell my clients I'm working.)

You'll also find me Googling words like "Bayesian inference."